Lauma Medical
Lauma Medical

Your freedom of movement with Lauma Medical

High-quality medical products, widely known among pharmacists and consumers in the Baltics and Eastern Europe

Your freedom of movement with Lauma Medical

High-quality medical products, widely known among pharmacists and consumers in the Baltics and Eastern Europe
Lauma Medical
For more than 45 years, the Lauma Medical brand has been widely known among pharmacists and consumers in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe as a manufacturer of medical products.
Lauma Medical is a major manufacturer of medical products such as high stretch woven bandages, elastic waistbands, joint bandages, prenatal and postnatal products and compression knitwear.
Lauma Medical products
Elastic belts are designed using only certified and high-quality raw materials and natural materials - cotton and wool. Due to their hygroscopically these natural absorbents, absorb moisture from the surface of the skin, thereby not causing diaper rash and local irritation
Lauma Medical является крупным производителем изделий медицинского назначения, таких как тканые эластичные бинты высокой растяжимости, поддерживающие эластичные пояса, повязки для суставов, а также изделия для женщин в дородовой и послеродовой периоды и компрессионный трикотаж.
Elastic medical belts
Elastic medical belts create an optimal thermal balance
Reduces the likelihood of dermatitis and other skin irritations
Provides protective action
Special weaving technology ensures excellent quality and property even after long and intensive usage.

Elastic bandages LAUMA Medical are made of natural cotton (96%)
Elastic medical bandages
High degree of extensibility (above 170%)
Preservation of properties during long and intensive use
The ability to cut the required length without additional processing of the end of the bandage
Compression knitwear is one of the main means of preventing varicose veins and is an essential component of surgical treatment and sclerotherapy.
Compression garments
One of the factors that ensure the medical effectiveness of compression stockings is their physiological distribution.
Treated with silver ions - protection against bacteria and unpleasant odors;
Various garments with bio-cotton, double-wrapped lycra, which prevent allergies;
The natural composition of the dressing and its unique structure contribute to normal perspiration and allow you to maintain a feeling of comfort even during prolonged wear.
Elastic bandages
The inner layer of the bandage performs a micro-massage function, promoting blood flow and reducing swelling.
Bandages are effectively used to unload damaged joints and reduce pain of various origins (rheumatism, arthritis), as well as bruises and dislocations.
They are also used for prophylactic purposes to prevent traumatic damage to the joints during increased physical exertion.
Designed to reduce the load on the lower back of a woman and maintain the anterior wall of the abdomen during pregnancy.
Products for expectant and nursing mothers
Products help to cope with the growing feeling of heaviness, make walking easier and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
The special design and materials used provide an additional feeling of comfort and stability even when the size of the abdomen or chest changes.
Designed with additional attachments for stability and comfort, and breathable materials to prevent excessive sweating and allow the skin to breathe.
The posture corrector helps to evenly distribute the load on the spine.

Designed for the prevention of injuries, osteochondrosis, spondylosis, instability and posture disorders, preventing a hunched back.
Posture correctors
The orthosis, made of high quality TPR Gel, nylon and spandex, is used to fix joints in sports injuries, physical stress and sprains, as well as during rehabilitation.
The main function of the orthosis is to protect the joint and reduce the load on it.
Helps restore joint mobility and relieve the pain.
Soft, smooth to the touch, wear-resistant, warm, easy to wash and rapid-drying garments
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