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Compression garments

It prevents swelling and reduces pain and tiredness in the legs.

Compression garments

It prevents swelling and reduces pain and tiredness in the legs.
"Lauma Medical" compression garments are available in three compression classes:
Compression classes:

energize tired legs and feet;

improve the blood circulation;

prevents swelling and varicose veins.
A class compression
10-17 mmHg

the feeling of heaviness, fatigue and pain in the legs;

the state during a slight swelling of the ankles and legs;

the state during minor varicose veins;

the state with minor varicose veins during pregnancy.
I class compression
18-21 mmHg
Helps with:

medium swelling of the ankles and legs;

medium varicose veins;

state after sclerotherapy;

medium swelling of the ankles and varicose veins during pregnancy
II class compression
23-32 mmHg
Compression distribution:
The distribution provides even pressure from the highest-pressure ankles, to the thigh, thus stimulating blood flow towards the heart
One of the factors that ensure the medical effectiveness of compression garments is their physiological distribution:
100% - above the ankles
70% - at the upper third of the leg
40% - at the upper third of the thigh
Physiological compression distribution
Composition of garments
Nylon microfiber
Microfiber in compression garments provides the softness and strength of the garment and increases the comfort of wear.

Garments are more durable and warm, and they are easy to wash and dry quickly. Garment care is extremely easy.
Variety of polyamide fibers
Lycra creates the right compression, while Lycra fibers provide quality, functionality and long-term wear resistance of the garment.

Lycra provides mobility and movement comfort, and when the strain stops, the fiber returns to its original state, improving the quality of the garment and improving the fit.
High-quality elastane
Bio cotton
Cotton garments are perfect for people with sensitive skin. Organic cotton is softer and more vapoury than regular cotton.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers, which means 100% sustainable natural fiber.
Organic cotton is also referred to as bio-cotton.
Commonly used in compression stockings is high-quality elastane - lycra, which in rare cases is allergic, therefore, in Lauma Medical products, lycra is wrapped with an additional thread, which means wrapping with a protective fiber that will prevent the possibility of allergies. The wrapping prevents the Lycra from direct contact with the skin and improves wearing comfort. The difference is noticeable with daily wear.
Double winding of Lycra threads
Sanitized Silver
Are an active ingredient that prevents the growth of microbes and bacteria. Sanitized® Silver is characterized by stability, absolute safety and high efficiency. It works on the basis of silver ions and does not contain potentially dangerous nanosilver. Silver prevents the occurrence of unpleasant odors and increases comfort for daily wear. Acting as a protection of textile fibers from damage, it increases the durability of the product. Silver ions are highly resistant to repeated washes.
Silver ions
Lauma Medical compression garments are designed to:
Knee-high socks, stockings and tights
For preventing and treating varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities.
An elastic compression sleeves
Prevent and treat the lymphatic system diseases of the upper limbs.
Hospital garments
For usage before and after childbirth, as well as to prevent venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.
Advantages of purchasing Lauma Medical compression garments:
Graduated compression
One of the factors that ensure the medical effectiveness of compression garments is their physiological distribution
Sustainable appearance
Non-rolling, non-moulting, and maintains appearance during use.
Modern weaving technology
Gives softness and silkiness, so the products look fashionable and fit in ordinary non-compression garments
Ease of donning
The high exstensibility of the fabric in two directions makes it easier to put on the garment (especially through the bridge of the foot)
Breathable effect
Makes your feet dry all the time due to a special weave of knitwear, enabling the skin to breathe even in hot weather
Sanitized® Silver treatment
Prevents the formation of unpleasant odors and microorganisms, increases comfort during daily wear
Stable compression
Lycra® fibers improve the garment's quality, functionality, and durability.
Lauma Medical garments use a double Lycra winding, thereby eliminating the risk of allergies
Special silk sock
The 2nd level compression garments set includes a special silk sock to simplify the dressing process
Compressive pressure retention
Compression pressure is guaranteed for 6 months under normal conditions of use and proper care
Имплантолог с 12 летним опытом
Donning compression garments
Compression garments should be worn in the morning, before swelling appears, preferably without getting out of bed
To ease donning stockings, it is advisable to powder your legs with talc or baby powder.

For easier donning of stockings with an open toe and a closed toe sock, use a special silk sock (for the 2nd class compression).
Put your hand inside the garment and grab the heel.
Step 1
Turn the garment inside out all the way to the heel.
Step 2
Donning the toe and heel parts of the garment
Step 3
Gradually distribute the entire garment on the leg
Step 4
It is advisable to wear garments with rubber gloves, removing jewelry and watches from your hands. Feet must be dry.
Removing compression garments:
1. It is advisable to remove compression stockings with rubber gloves and no jewelry on your hands. Starting at the top of the garment, gradually pull it down towards the foot.

2. Then carefully remove the heel and then the whole garment from the leg.
Имплантолог с 12 летним опытом
How to properly care for a garment?
Garments are daily washable or hand washable once every two days.
Compression knitwear can be hand-washed at 30–40 degrees Celsius.
To restore the adhesion of the silicone strips on the stockings, wipe the silicone strips with a cloth dampened with an alcohol solution.
Do not cut technological threads inside the product
Keep away from heaters and direct sunlight while drying.
After washing, the product should be rinsed well in warm water, wrapped in a towel, squeezed lightly and dried in a cool place on a dry towel.
Do not use bleach solutions or fabric softeners.
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